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Rated: XXX
Running Time: 2.5 Hours
HE'S FULL-O-SHIT AND DICK DEEP IN HOT, BLACK TAIL! Meet 1 Da Bred, the hottest white rapper that no one's ever heard of. That'sbecause he doesn't have a record contract, but he has plenty of hos who wantto be in his video! This white boy can-t lay down tracks but he does laypipe in all the big black asses and pussies he can find. Hosted by 2 LiveCrew founder, DJ Mr. Mixx, watch these six derriere divas get hoodwinked andhumped by 1 Da Bred in every position possible...even deep-drilling analpiledrivers! Scene 1 Kapri Styles shows up for a video audition for a new rapper's video, butwhen she gets there, she realizes that she is at someone's house, not avideo shoot. That's when she meets 1 Da Bred and he tells her that the videois going to "be naked." She knows he is full of shit, but she also knowsthat he wants a mouthful of her sweet ass. She tells him, "Shut the fuck upand eat my ass," and he obliges her and does her one better by filling herbubble butt full of cock. Scene 2 1 Da Bred is on the streets when he spots Kali Dreams and her huge ass. Hetakes her back to his house to show her how much of a baller he is. And eventhough she's not impressed by his pad, she shows him her ass anyway. That'swhen he makes a serious impression on her by giving her his cock. He bendsher over and gives her the pounding she's looking for and glazes herchocolate cheeks. Scene 3 Stacey Foxx shows up on a soundstage to star in a video, and that's when shemeets 1 Da Bred and realizes that she has been duped. But the minute thelights and the music come on and she sees a camera, this sweet-cheeked freakstarts shaking her ass to the beat and spreading her cheeks for somedeep-drillin'. She isn't even surprised when 1 throws his cock in her face.She sucks it and lets him know that she has no problem fucking him if hemakes her a star. So 1 does what he thinks will make her famous rightaway...his fills her mouth with his cum. Scene 4 1 Da Bred is on the streets again, this time, he's scouting for new talent.That's when he sees Luscious Louis and her fantastic ass. He tells her thathe is a rapper, and offers her a chance to be in his video. She isskeptical, but Luscious wants to be famous, no matter what. That's why shedoesn't have a problem with taking her clothes off and letting 1 lick andfinger her cunt. That's why she fucks him and bounces her big cheeks on hisdick. And that's why she tells him to glaze her ass and plays with the cum,rubbing it in with gusto. This girl wants to be a video vixen ora porn star. Scene 5 1's record goes double gold...after he spray paints them gold in hisbackyard! But never underestimate the power of shiny bling. Those goldrecords land him in the pants of juicy-assed Cheetah. She's impressed by hisrap career and wants to be down with 1 Da Bred. So naturally, she goes downon him, the first chance she gets. You know these video hos, they want tofuck the talent and be famous, too. That's exactly what Cheetah does,working her juicy ass and pumping her pussy on 1's dick so hard, that shealmost breaks the couch they're bangin' on. Scene 6 Kara Kane wants to meet with the CEO of a record company to fulfill herdreams of being a dancer. 1 Da Bred just so happens to be in the CEO'soffice...doing his thing as the janitor. When she mistakes him for the CEO,who is he to argue? He promises to take her all the way to the top and sheis so grateful that she gives him her pussy right then and there on theCEO's desk. And when he promises her the lead role a video, she even givesup her tight asshole! Kara knows the cardinal rule of video hoochies: Usewhat you got to get what you want.

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