Stacked And Suckin

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Stacked And Suckin Movie Cover
You'll be hard-pressed to find a collection of big-boobed girls as nasty,slutty and filthy as these SCORE centerfolds. They're really dirty! It'sbeen said that females are much bigger sex maniacs and are raunchier thanmen, although they will deny it. Stacked & Suckin' seems to prove thisbelief. The girls in this DVD were destined to become porn fuck-babes.That's all they really want to do in life: Take cock in their holes and eatcum while the cameras roll. They were not meant for mundane careers. Andwe're the luckier for it! A must-own for tit-men who like their women downand dirty. SCENE 1: You can ask Sara Jay what she loves best about her body and she'll tell youher drooling mouth complete with tongue-ball, her big tits and her roundbubble-ass. In a grungy warehouse that conveniently has a couch to screw on,Sara rags on Johnny Rod, telling him she was told that he needs to get blownand fucked by a real woman after nailing so many thin, teen girls for18Eighteen videos. Johnny's only interested in filling Sara's mouth with hiscock, but he listens. After their little chat is finished, Sara beginssucking and jerking his junk. Sara gets into an ass-up pose to show Johnnyher world-famous butt. Impressed, he spanks and pinches her ass while sheblows his tubesteak. She credits a lot of practice for her topshelfcocksucking skill, and all the training that she's got from the many cocksshe's sucked. Sara believes that many girls do not go all the way down tothe base of the shaft and they should not focus on the first three or soinches. Sara believes that too much attention on the cock head desensitizesit and makes it harder for a guy to cum later. Sara takes pride in her blowjobs. She has that American git-r-done attitude. You have to see her suck.But man does not live by blow jobs alone, so Johnny fucks the shit out ofSara, too, and drops his nut all over her jugs. SCENE 2: Jarrod is behind the wheel, looking for hot girls. He sees Candy Manson inthe parking lot of a strip mall. Her micro-mini skirt and low-cut top makeCandy easy to spot. He stops and promises her ice cream. Candy was taught tonever accept sweets from a stranger, but that changed when she hit 18. Candyturns out to be an easy pick-up and gets into his car. But when they get tohis place, his bullshit promise of ice cream turns out to be bogus. There isno ice cream. Just a cum-cone. But that's fine. Candy is a girl who oncesaid, "I like the guy's cock to fill my mouth, like a jawbreaker! I suckhard so the guy can really feel my mouth around his cock. I like seeing howfast I can make a guy cum! I've never seen a cock that I couldn't get allthe way into my mouth." So ice cream is no big deal. He plays with hernipples while Candy licks his finger. He finger-fucks her tight, young slitand then lets her lick the pussy juice off his finger. Candy throats hisdick and licks his balls. There will be no ice cream for Miss Candy Manson,but a good pounding fuck before she's sent on her way. SCENE 3: Daphne Rosen is one of the bustiest and the dirtiest babes in porn. She'sappeared in many SCORE DVDs and magazines and was a special guest on SCOREtvepisode 4, answering readers' questions about sex because she's studying incollege for an advanced degree in sexology. A girl needs to have more tofall back on her back for than just posing nude and fucking. Daphne entersthe SCORE men's room which is a complete dump with graffitti on the wallsand garbage on the floor. There she hooks up with JMac who whips his dickout for Daphne to suck on. She kneels before him and goes to town on him.She lays on the floor and holds her tits together tight for better frictionfor his sliding cock, licking the tip as it emerges from between herhooters. After her tit-fucking, JMac drills Daphne against a sink and on thefloor by a toilet, emptying his testicles on her twin props. Luckily, thereis plenty of paper to clean up with. SCENE 4: A nice, super-slutty babe of Chinese ancestry, beautiful California girlKianna Dior has just wrapped up an interview with a SCORE editor in thestudio when her blind fuck-date arrives. Little is needed in the way ofintroductions. If he's got a hard-on, that's all Kianna wants to know.She'll do the rest. This guy has a big dick so she's happy. Kianna is famousfor her slobbery blow jobs, enthusiastic dirty talking, energetic fuckingand sex noises. She drools so much when she sucks cock she must expel aquart of saliva. In a world of dry blow jobs, she's an oasis in the desert.After filling her mouth with zipper-pipe, Kianna sits on her date's shaftand rides, bouncing up and down like she's on a pogo stick. They switch to amissionary fuck, she sucks his cock again, and then Kianna gets on her kneesand elbows to take a fuck from behind. Her date must have been saving hisnuts for the winter because he blasts a giant load on her tits. Proving herslutty-greatness yet again, she wipes her tits with her fingers and popsthem in her mouth, slurping the jizz off them. SCENE 5: Puma Swede, the pre-eminent Scandinavian SCORE Girl, contends that Nordicwomen are the horniest and the hottest sex mates in the world. Her charmingaccent can make you believe it without proof. However, desiring verificationof her presumptuous assertion, SCORE asked Puma to prove it by putting cockwhere her mouth is. The Viking fox was up for the test. She leads us to aquickie sex temple that rents by the hour and is decorated like an Egyptiantomb, not a Swedish ice palace. This is an odd location to proveScandinavian girl-power, but apparently there is no Viking room in thistrysting place that puts the ho in hotel. "Maybe you can compare my ass to aSwedish meatball," Puma says when she shows off her body to the camera. "Andwe all come stacked with a nice pair of pretty tits." Her asscheeks are infact much nicer than a pair of meatballs. Puma's cock provider steps intoframe ready for action. Puma's drool level and slurping sounds almost matchKianna's. It's a wonder the dude didn't cum after one minute of Puma's mouthpumping. Puma alternates between satisfying her oral fixation to swallowdick and getting fucked in her fitta, Swedish for cunt. She demands a hardramming on her back, legs in the air; none of this lovey-dovey couples shit."Fuck the shit out of this Swedish pussy!" she cries. Puma stays on her backto be fed cock, making dirty noises, then opens her pussy again for a cockpounding. After her boobs are hosed down with goo, Sweden's ambassador tothe USA closes the video with a speech once again extolling the eroticvirtues of Swedish women who "use cum as lip gloss." And to think Pumastarted off her modeling career refusing to even open her legs. She has cumfar! SCENE 6: Summer Sinn, 34JJ, from Boston loves to walk around in tight tops, tight,ass-tight pants and high heels. Summer is outside a drugstore, her tight,red, thin sweater straining to contain her gigantic jugs. Colton drives pastand brakes when he sees this amazing piece of T&A. He comes up with the lameexcuse of asking Summer where the drugstore is, which is exactly whereSummer is standing. He doesn't recognize the porn star from Ultimate SummerSinn or her many videos and photo sets. What the hell kindabreast-man is he? Colton invites her to drive around with him and she getsin. In the car, Summer takes off her sweater to reveal a scooped top withgiant cleavage. She's the rarest of the rare, a huge tease who actually putsout. She begins to touch her tits as they talk and pulls her blouse down andit's a miracle that the car doesn't go into a ditch. Since she's already inhis car, and she's fucked plenty of guys, he takes her to his place for aquickie. He happens to have a massage table a few feet from his front doorand Summer's tits are eager for a rubdown with cum. They strip naked realquick and get hands-on. Summer sucks his dick with loud moans and slurpingsounds. That sexy, hot cunt needs hard cock, and the table is perfect forfucking. She lies on the table and has her double treasures massaged withoil. While she rubs her oily boobs, he licks her cunt. She's straddled andtit-fucked. She doesn't have those big tits totally for decoration. Theyhave to be fucked often, too. That gets her hornier. "Do you want to fuck mypussy?" she asks, her cunt wet. They swap places and she rides his bonerfrom on top. She turns around so her ass is facing him and keeps the pumpinggoing. Summer gets on her back on the table so he can missionary-fuck herand get a good thrust going. Summer needs regular sperm coatings, so shegets on her knees so he can lather the busty fuck-toy's knockers withguy-goo. Her tits were made for man's jizzin' pleasure.

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