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Score POV

The six scenes in SCORE POV eliminate the most annoying thing about a XXXDVD. The guys! The babbling, irritating yokels who hog the camera and get inthe way of the girls' beautiful bods and big boobs. Each scene is shotpoint-of-view so that you're the man fucking these busty sex-bombs. Eachscene becomes your private fuck and suck experience, seen through your eyes.SCORE POV is the next best thing to making and starring in your own hardcorevideo, which, let's face it, 99.99% of us will never get to do. The sexyblanket bunnies in this DVD have all had the SCORE seal of approval stampedon their butts. Your cock is their idol and they worship it. Sucking cum outof your cock is what they enjoy. There's no hairy dude blocking your visionof these heavenly bodies.
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