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Rated: XXX
Running Time: 1.6 Hours
Make her big tits bigger and her plump ass even plumper. Part two of this feeding fetish series bring you more hot BBWs getting stuffed in every sense of the word. While you nourish those thick bodies, stick your dick in their wet slits and make them cum. Nothing gives these XL Girls more pleasure than filling their mouths with food and their pussies with cock. When they eat, they get horny. And when they get horny, they eat. Their sexual energy and orgasms are twice as intense when combined with food. So you know what to do with each babe: Feed her and fuck her! Good thing Brandy Ryder has big tits, because she's not much of a server. This busty beer maid ends up eating the bratwurst you order, but damn if she doesn't look good working on that sausage. She looks even better devouring your cock and getting her pussy rammed. Rikki Waters says that eating makes her super horny. Judging by the way she downs a huge plate of chicken lo mein, she's ready to rock a cock as hard as she can. After sucking down those noodles, she goes after a cock-n'odle and gets it stiff with her mouth. Rikki wants to get fucked so bad that she moans and talks dirty the whole time she-s getting plowed. The only time she's quiet is when she is stuffing her mouth full of food. The Superbowl party is cancelled and that's fine by Suga Squirtz. That means she gets to eat all those crunchy chips and down the huge hoagie that was meant for the guests. She eats the sub but still wants something long and hearty in her mouth. Suga works a cock till it gets get hard in her mouth and then mounts it. Her big tits flop everywhere as she rides the dick and munches on chips. Cassie Blanca loves to bake muffins, but she doesn't want to share them. Fortunately, she is more than willing to share the other kinds of muffins she has. She gets her big tits suckled and then uses them to heat up a cock while she's blowing it. Soon her own muffin is getting fucked while her plush body wiggles from the drilling. Daphne Carter is a corn-fed country girl with country tits. She loves corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. She devours a whole plate of Southern cookin' but it doesn-t weigh her down, it energizes her for a hard suck and fuck session. Despite everything she ate, she still has room to eat cock and get her pussy plugged and pounded.

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